Meghalaya – Travel & Street Photography by HSM

Meghalaya is a state that is as diverse as it gets.
Being in Meghalaya is like living amidst clouds and that is just the start. Once you are there, there is a surprise at every turn.
From waterfalls of all shapes and sizes to unexpectedly lovely roads, from astonishing living root bridges to scary suspension bridges, from incessant rains to thunderstorms that can interrupt deepest of sleeps, from splendid rolling hills to pristine river waters, from dense sub-tropical evergreen forests to breathtaking canyons, from unexplored limestone caves to prehistoric fossils, from one of the most friendly Khasi people to lip-smacking local food preparations, from unbelievably clean villages to towns with character, Meghalaya unfolds its layers only if one is willing to give it time.This list only gives you a glimpse of what one experiences once one is there.

    The Living Root Bridge
    Krangshuri - The God's Falls
    Dawki - The Pristine Flow
    Lost Paradise - Way to Arwah Caves
    Where Border Merges - Umngot River
    The Hidden Magic
    Shepherd with his Knup
    Mawkyrwat - Meghalaya's Unexplored Gem
    Gastropod Fossils - From The Paleocene
    Tropical Trek - Tyrna
    The Secret Side of Nongriat
    Garden of Caves - Sohra
    Cave In or Cave Out - Arwah
    The Orchid Land
    Nongriat or Narnia
    Umiam Lake - The Man Made Wonder
    When The Falls Froze - Elephant Falls
    Jaintia Hills - A Different Country
    The Great Indian Canyon - Laitlum
    The Monolith Kingdom
    Khasi Pineapples
    Mawlynnong - The Clean Paradise
    Nongriat Village

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